La Picasse (Petit-de-Grat)

La Picasse (Petit-de-Grat)

Centre La Picasse is a multifunctional centre and a unique Francophone community & cultural institution located in Petit-de-Grat on Isle Madame. Its main goal is to preserve the French language and to promote and maintain the vitality of the Acadian culture. The Centre LA PICASSE achieves its purpose through artistic, cultural and community activities and through its educational program. Its Preschool Centre offers children from 3 to 5 years of age an excellent educational opportunity aimed at reinforcing the French language. Centre LA PICASSE contributes positively to the overall development of the Acadian community.

La Picasse is a symbolic name because the Centre serves as an anchor for the survival of the French language and the Acadian life style within the community.

The Centre La Picasse, converging unit for «francophonie» and Acadian traditions on Isle Madame, offers many services:

• Theatre and banquet hall with in-house catering
• Small conference rooms
• Preschool (French education)
• Office rentals
• Eastern Regional Library
• Tourist Information Desk
• Arts & Crafts Boutique
• Vacations packages & billeting
• Isle Madame bureau of Acadian genealogy
• Service Canada & C@P Sites

On Isle Madame a « picasse » is an old anchor used for fishing boats. Handmade by fishermen, the “picasse” was built with two large pieces of wood crossed and carved with pointed edges, mounted by a big rock circled with strong strips of wood tied with ropes at the top.

The building houses La Picasse and Université Sainte-Anne as well as the Aquaculture Centre.